Adult Psychotherapy

     I provide psychotherapy to individuals who are interested in creating the kind of change within themselves that leads to a more satisfying, connected, and fulfilling life.

     Therapy will give you the time and space to delve down to the roots of your feelings, beliefs, thoughts, motivations, choices, dilemmas, and perspectives.

     This investment in yourself will give you a greater sense of freedom in how you think, feel, and react.

  • Therapy allows us to slow down the fast pace of our minds and interactions to see behind the scenes
  • It gives us a chance to explore what hidden beliefs we have about relationships, about what makes us feel better, about who we have beenwho we are, and who we want to be
  • It offers the possibility of real, fundamental change in how we think and feel about ourselves and the world around us


Why do People Choose Therapy?

     It’s easy to say that people come to therapy because they’re fighting with depression or struggling with anxiety or want a place to talk about their relationships. I see it slightly differently.

     I believe people choose therapy because they want more out of life.

Let’s look at depression. Maybe you’re fighting depression. Maybe every day feels like a struggle...

Sure, you’re able to put on a good face for the outside world. You have friends. You can still laugh. You get your work done.

From the outside things look okay, but when you’re alone it’s a different story. When you’re alone your thoughts turn sour and your mood sinks low, so low

You feel overwhelmed by seemingly simple tasks.

Most of what you see are the negative things in life.

You’re even noticing that you don’t see your friends as much anymore and you’re not sure if it’s because you’ve just been isolating yourself…or if it’s because they find it hard to be around you lately.

And one of the biggest parts of your depression? You’re very critical of yourself for feeling like this.

You think, “Some people have a harder life than me, so I shouldn’t feel this way.” You think if you just tried harder you’d feel fine. You think you should be able to reason yourself out of this.

And that self-criticism just makes you feel worse…

You miss feeling connected with people you love. You miss having the energy to get simple things done. You miss just being okay with who you are and what you’re thinking and feeling.

Or maybe you’re worried you never actually had these things…

     And so, despite the weight and hopelessness, despite the worry that it won’t get better, you consider coming to therapy.

     That’s what I see in the choice to start therapy.

I believe that people don’t come to therapy because they are having painful feelings or experiences. I believe they come to therapy because they want out of their pain. They come to therapy because they want to live a richfulfilling, meaningful life in spite of painful feelings and difficult experiences.

People come to therapy because they want options in how to think and feel.

They want some flexibility in how they react to pain, to disappointment and to a lack of control.

They come because they want more out of their relationships; more intimacy, more connection, and to feel more seen.

Therapy can help you find these things.

Starting Therapy

To learn more about beginning a therapy, please check out the How Do I Get Started? section or call (707) 564-7579 for an initial, free 15-minute consultation.