Background and Training

My values and way of working began to develop long before I ever met my first therapy client.

     I come from a science background (Earth Systems Science and Policy) that developed not only my analytic thinking, but that asked me to hold a wide variety of information in mind in order to understand how complex systems work.

     Since 2003 I've been involved in social services and mental health. I’ve worked in job training programs for farmworkers and low-income adults, in substance abuse rehabilitation, and have served in the US Peace Corps in Zambia.

     I have experience working across the lifespan. I've provided therapy at an elementary school in a heavily-disadvantaged community, worked with adults in community mental health clinics, and brought in-home therapy to seniors. I have worked in crisis support and intervention, as well as complicated grief and bereavement.

     I have also provided long-term therapy to children, teens, and their parents. I am always thinking about the influences of culture and identities and how it plays out in our lives and relationships.

     Some families feel more comfortable knowing that I have experience working with a variety of family configurations. I am sensitive to the different and unique experiences of same-sex parents, interracial adoption, non-traditional family arrangements, and raising transgender children.

     I have treated issues related to many kinds of trauma, anxieties, depression, relationship problems, difficulties with coping and self-regulation, stressful overwhelm and life imbalances, and a host of other mood and thought disorders. I’ve also worked with clients living with a variety of developmental delays or learning differences.

      My background in both sciences and psychology helps me analyze and filter new research as it emerges. It has also driven my interest in contributing to uncharted areas, in particular leading to my own research into the topic of Peace Corps Sexual Assault.

      I also believe strongly that as people and clinicians we're never done growing. As a result, I take part in consultation and continuing education opportunities that allow me to deepen my understanding of what's going on when two people sit down together and undertake the complex work of therapy.

This breadth and depth of experience gives me a solid foundation and helps me see beyond the challenges of the present and into a hopeful future.

If what you’ve read here resonates with you or you are curious to learn more, please contact me at (707) 564-7579 for an initial, free 15-minute phone consultation.

You can also learn more about how I work here, or find some answers to commonly asked questions