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I believe first and foremost, every successful therapy is built on a solid therapeutic relationship.

     Choosing a therapist is both an important process and one that can be difficult, requiring time, money, and a degree of vulnerability. I'm hoping to share a bit about how I think and approach this work so you can get a sense of what our work together might look like.


My Approach

     I primarily work from a contemporary psychodynamic framework.

     What this means to me is that I tend to be curious about relationships – both those that we have with ourselves and with others.

     I tend to be curious about the personal meanings of things.

     I believe that our earliest years teach us hidden assumptions that heavily influence how we perceive the world, how we relate to others, what dilemmas we face, and what choices we make.

     I believe that we all are made up of different parts, some younger, some older, some quieter, some louder, and that these parts sometimes disagree with each other.

     I believe that people generally do the best they can to feel okay in a complex world, but that often we experience double-binds where no choice that we know about will lead to feeling peaceful.

     I believe that our ways of relating don’t stop when we enter a therapist’s office and that this gives us a rich opportunity to deepen the work.

     Finally, I believe that real, lasting change requires something more than mental tricks (although you may learn some of these). 

I believe committing to the deep, challenging work of therapy can lead to genuine transformation that will positively affect one’s whole life.