Dr. Nicholas Hack, PsyD

Psychotherapy and Supervision

I work with teens, adults, and seniors who are ready to look inward. Maybe you come to therapy knowing that the pressure you place on yourself feels crushing. Maybe the many expectations put on you by others feel stifling. Maybe you find yourself reacting in your relationships — with your yourself, partner, or kids — in ways that you don’t like, but you’re not sure how to make a change. If you believe that deeply knowing yourself can open up potential for healing and ultimately for more choice, then I may be the right therapist for you.

When will you begin the long journey into yourself?
— Rumi

Who I see in my practice:

  • People facing grief - the death of a child, a family member’s suicide, the loss of a long-time spouse or partner, losing a loved one to incarceration

  • Those who feel they’re never enough - never good enough, attractive enough, confident enough, smart enough

  • People feeling stuck or paralyzed by a fear of failure

  • Men who want to improve their communication but don’t know what that could look like, who didn’t have a model of both vulnerability and strength

  • Parents wanting to end the family inheritance of trauma

  • Teens struggling to balance expectations from friends, family, and teachers while figuring out their own needs and wants

  • Adults dealing with the stresses and uncertainties of major transitions

  • Seniors whose lives didn’t suddenly stop when they turned 65, despite what our culture seems to think

  • People with a harsh inner critic

  • Individuals in “helping” professions who devote too much of themselves to the work

  • Parents of adult children with chronic mental health issues

  • Family Pioneers - the first to grow up in the US, or to attend college, or work in the professional realm

  • Athletes dealing with injury and those wanting to find a healthier relationship to the sport they love